Marketing over Facebook, though it has its own set of nuances and techniques, is still deeply rooted in many of the traditional forms of business marketing. In fact, generating sales leads in the digital age might be easier than ever.

Here are three ways you can secure sales leads in three minutes:

Contact Form

One of the easiest ways to get contact information from your likers that will reach them outside of Facebook is, quite simply, to ask for it. If you give incentives like coupons, promo-codes and sale information, your likers are much more likely to engage with you by willingly providing an email address to receive those benefits. Not only can you have a contact form tab on your page, you can also export a contact form as a live chat on your website. 

generate leads on Facebook with a contact form

Automatic Newsletter

This app takes the posts from your page and puts them together in a newsletter template to be sent out to fans of your page who provide their email addresses to you. In order to get this newsletter, though, customers will have to subscribe to them using the Contact Form application. Much like a “subscribe” button on a blog, this provides your likers with consistent updates which keeps them from missing your posts, but also provides more traffic to your page and with the contact information of each subscriber. The best part about it? You don’t have to lift a finger after installing the apps.

generate leads on Facebook with automatic newsletter


Leadgates serve as a splash page to certain parts of your page only to those who provide an email address (there’s also a skip option so that it doesn’t deter potential likers from continuing to view your content). To make this seem less intrusive, you can add a personal message to the tab that promises you will send emails infrequently and only when the content is relevant to them, and that they can unsubscribe at any time.

generate leads on Facebook with a leadgate

Best Apps to Generate Leads on Facebook

There you have it – in less than three minutes, using any of these methods, you can increase your sales leads and secure the contact information of potential customers. For more tips, tricks and tidbits, keep up with our blog or visit Iframe Apps website.