Custom Facebook Fan Page Landing Page

If you’re on Facebook — and who isn’t? — you’re probably using a square picture of yourself on your profile page and sending visitors to the wall on your fan pages. If you’re promoting a business, that doesn’t give you a lot of promotional options besides your stream, which you don’t want to load with self promo posts. Fortunately, we have the solution.

There are two ways to customize your Facebook profile or fan page.

Facebook Banners
We can design a 180×540 pixel vertical banner that you’ll use to replace your standard photo, creating a nice advertisement in the left sidebar. This can be used on both personal Facebook profiles as well as business fan pages and will appear on your Wall and Info pages.

Facebook Landing Pages
We can also design full HTML welcome pages for your Facebook fan page. This means we can design a full-page landing page that is just like any other page on the Internet and can contain graphics, actual text (not just graphical text), videos, clickable buttons, and text links.

A custom landing page let’s you tell new visitors to your Facebook page who aren’t yet fans what you do and why they should click the “Like” button and start seeing your posts in their news feed. Studies show that a landing page actually increases clicks on the “Like” button by up to 25%.