If you have a small business, sometimes the easiest way to get started is to forego the website and have your social media and your digital storefront in the same place. Did you know that you can set up a digital storefront on your business’ Facebook page? Here’s how, and with just a few clicks!

Set up your Company’s Facebook Page

If you haven’t done this already, you’ll want to create a page for your business, as well as appropriate company accounts for yourself and employees in charge of your social media. Before you set up your store, you’ll want to have a clear description of what your company does or sells, a clear, concise name, cover photos, profile pictures, and some content that your likers can engage with when they land on your page. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone wanting to stay on a business’ Facebook page that had no relevant content on it.

Install the Facebook Store App

This is the easiest part. Click here to configure your Facebook Store if you haven’t done so already. (You will need to log-in to your Facebook account.) When you have that out of the way, be sure to save your settings. This will add a “store” tab to your company’s page where you can sell your products to interested customers and page-likers.

Upload Photos, Prices and Descriptions of your Products

Whatever you’re selling, make sure you have plenty of photos of the products – most people will be wary of an online store that has no photos of what they’re selling. The photos should be high-resolution and well-staged, too, as bad photos are sometimes worse than having none at all. Be sure to set clear, consistent prices for each and every listing, and write a short description of each product so customers know exactly what they’re buying. You can also visit the Store Tab FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

Just like that, your Facebook store is set up and ready for customers! For more help digitally marketing your business, check back frequently with our blog or visit Iframe Apps website.