Nowadays, every marketer is a writer. Whether you’re writing an email, blog article, or social media posts, powerful content is your online currency. As they say, “content is king” and this week we’re sharing a book that will not only guide you in the process of creating effective content, but it will show you how to create content that makes readers take action. And that’s always our goal when writing, right?

In our book of the week, Everybody Writes, you’ll discover the art of producing actionable content across all of your online assets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, landing pages, home page, email, marketing offers and beyond. If you want to gain and retain customers, then stellar online communication is key.


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Although we live in a world where #hashtags and acronyms seem to be dominating, creating ridiculously good content is more important than ever. Why miss out on an opportunity to help your business thrive? The resources are available, just click the book cover above to get your copy.

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