Thanks to social media, information and news is more accessible and spreads faster than ever before. The downside? Non-credible sources are misinforming billions of people with fake news. And Facebook is taking a stand.

First Draft Coalition

Facebook and Twitter have both recently announced that they have joined a network of 30+ organizations including Buzzfeed, The New York Times, and The Washington Post to help stop the spread of fake news.

The organization is called First Draft Coalition, formed in June 2015, and says it will create a platform to spread news literacy among social media users where readers and journalists can verify questionable news stories. The platform is expected to launch in late October, according to Reuters.


This illustration is featured on the First Draft News website, representing the platforms mission to verify news that spreads across social media.

Think you can detect fake news?

Fake News Quiz

Take the First Draft fake news quiz and let us know how you do!