The battle between Instagram vs. Facebook has been long in the making, but now businesses don’t really have a choice: they need Facebook. Why you ask? Recently, Instagram introduced it’s new feature, “Business Profile,” but you need a Facebook page to set it up.

Of course, everyone knows Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s no surprise that they are doing what they can to promote businesses using pages. And you can be sure that in the feud between Instagram vs. Facebook users, Facebook will always come out on top.

Let’s show you how to switch to a business profile and which features you’ll win from doing so.

Go to your Instagram settings and click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’


Voila! You need a Facebook page to set up Instagram for Businesses

And now you can add a CTA to your Instagram page, just like Facebook pages


Finally, stats on your Instagram performance!

Ah, this must be the reason you need to connect your Facebook page. How else would you be able to run ads?


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