Facebook is becoming a better and better platform for businesses to increase their online sales. Check out some of these Iframe Apps to maximize those sales.

Set up a store

Did you know you can set up a store tab directly onto your company’s Facebook page now? This way, you can sell your products directly to those who like your page, meaning one less click between a customer engagement and a sale. It’s quick and easy – install our Facebook Store App and have a store up and running in minutes.

Increase ecommerce sales on Facebook

Facebook Ads

Some of your advertising options on Facebook include boosting and promoting posts, but you can also formulate an entirely new advertisement that will reach a target audience specified by you – and give them a direct click-through call-to-action button that will help post-views turn into site-views. For more information, check out our article on the Top 10 Tips to Improve your Facebook Advertisements.

Increase Facebook ecommerce sales

Coupons Tab

Now that Facebook allows for customized tabs on your page, all sorts of options have opened up for maximizing the number of sales you make through the social media outlet. We at Iframe Apps have developed a Coupons tab for Facebook-based businesses to reward loyal customers and advocates with coupons and discounts to use in your online store.

Increase ecommerce sales with Facebook Coupons

Automatic Newsletter

Want to keep your likers up-to-date with all your latest posts? Try out Iframe Apps’ automatic newsletter app, which generates an email newsletter that distributes to subscribers. This will not only generate leads, but increase the chance that your content is seen by those who like your page.

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Facebook Newsletter

Contact Form

The last, and potentially most useful app you can use to maximize your ecommerce over Facebook is Iframe Apps’ Contact Form app for Facebook. You can use this in a number of different ways, whether you want to give likers the opportunity to speak to someone within your company directly or set up a lead gate on some of your page’s content. Either way, this is a great way to generate leads on Facebook, increasing your reserve of customer email addresses.

Increase ecommerce sales with Facebook Contact Form

With these apps and techniques, you’ll soon be on your way to a successful Facebook store. Learn more about all our Facebook Apps for ecommerce businesses on our website. Make sure to stay updated on the newest tips and tricks in the social-media marketing world – check back with us often on the blog!