Today Facebook is clearly one of the most effective platforms when it comes to advertising. Its potential cannot be overstated and impact is almost guaranteed. However, if you decide to invest in this social media platform for the promotion of your business, you need to master a few concepts to avoid getting lost and wasting your money. Below are our top 10 tips to boost the results of your Facebook adverts.

1. Importance of the Artwork

The illustration you choose for your advert is of an utmost importance. Before even getting into titles and subtitles, the image will be the very first element to catch the reader’s attention.

The best way is to choose several illustrations. Launch your advert with a couple of different images over a short timeframe. Then, gather feedback from the first results and only keep the best one.

2. Call-to-Action Buttons

In order to bypass all the hesitations between your client’s desire to act and its realization, insert a call-to-action button in your adverts. According to your advertising goal, choose between: “Order now”, “Learn more”, “Subscribe”, “Book now” or “Download”. The point is to provide your audience with the ability to act immediately, without having to browse through several links and webpages.


3. Targeting: Use Audience Categorization to its Full Potential

Age, gender, relationship status, workplace… the Facebook advertising tool allows you to fully segment  your target audience, make the most of it.

If your products are targeting a specific age group or specific interests, there is no point in spending a large budget for a general broadcast that would hinder the efficiency of your campaign.


4. Email targeting

If you already possess a reliable contact database that you use, for example, to broadcast your newsletters, you can rely on it for your promotional activity on Facebook. Upload your mailing list as a .csv or .txt file and Facebook will automatically search its network for corresponding accounts and target them for the display of your advertising. Follow this link for additional information.

5. Ads Relevance Score – Your Best Indicator

Provided by Facebook, this indicator measures the relevance of your advertising across several criteria. The higher the score, the more you are likely to reach your target audience. This indicator brings you several advantages:

  • First and foremost, optimize your advertising spending
  • Learn when to update or withdraw your advert (when the score is dropping)
  • Sort your adverts and focus on the ones with the highest exposure.

6. Desktop or Mobile device? Newsfeed or Right-Hand Column? Make the right choice!

According to your advertising goals, you can select one of the three positioning options available on Facebook. (As a side note, you can also connect your Instagram account, and push advertisements to this platform as well.)

  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Desktop right-hand column


Deciding between these three options is not trivial and you must consider it carefully. As a simple example, let’s say you created a mobile app and want to promote it. It seems quite obvious that you make the most of it by displaying it on mobile devices, providing a direct link for its installation.  Follow this guide to learn everything about selecting your advert positioning.  

7. Take advantage of Facebook Pixels

The conversion tracking pixel and the custom audience pixel are currently being withdrawn by Facebook. They are being replaced with a single Facebook Pixel. This feature may seem complex and barely relevant, however it is a simple JavaScript code to be inserted within your web page in order to track conversions, optimize advert broadcasting, create customized audiences and access an extensive range of statistics. Refer to this guide for the installation of Facebook Pixels.

8. Pave the way with free Publications

Before resorting to paid advertising, send a few posts to gauge the interests of your audience. Do not simply offer a direct and boring promotion for a product or service. Make it lively, add an expiration date for a promotion, create appealing titles, address your fan base directly, invite their comments and encourage them to share with friends. Once it is done, collect all the statistics related to people who were interested in your publications and build them into a favorite audience model for paid advertising.

9. The Carousel Format

Leave common formats aside and favor solutions such as Facebook Carousel in order to catch your audiences’ attention. It is used as a dashboard where you can store between three and five images or videos, add calls-to-actions or links to your webpages. It allows you to let your imagination roam free without the need to compile everything in a single post.


10. Facebook Canvas

Even more appealing and dynamic than the Carousel, Facebook Canvas is a truly lively format that will allow you to bring an immersive experience to your mobile customers, way beyond what classical adverts can offer. Tell a story, reference testimonials, bring pictures and videos together and top it all with a call-to-action. Currently, Canvas is by far the most appealing format, take advantage of it.

As a reminder, you can create Canvases for free and publish them on your webpage newsfeed. However, they will only be delivered to mobile users.