An online store it is possible and easy with our store tab. Configure your shop, add your on-line products, select your currency in several steps…

Drawbacks of Online store :

To open an online shop, it is to free, itself from physical borders, your customers become international and your shop is opened 24/24h. With an online shop, no load of thorough setting-up of trade, no need of market study on the place of setting-up of the site. You also reduce your costs of information and communication, the on-line advertising being often less expensive.

How create your store in Facebook with Iframe Apps ?

Create your store on your Facebook page.

1.If this have not done, please select the link to configure the store :

—> then select the page to set up the store tab

2.Configure your store, and save







3.Add/Manage your products and save









Select “go on this tab to this page” : Well it is done you have created your store


Now, join us in Facebook to create your own store : Here