More Consumers Prefer Brands They Can Message on Facebook

A recent survey conducted by Facebook and Nielsen reveals that 63% of consumers communicate with brands via messaging more today than they did two years ago. What does this consumer behavior mean for your business? Enabling customers to message you via Facebook is now a consumer expectation and meeting those expectations with a personalized experience is crucial.

According to the survey, this is how consumers are spending their time messaging brands:

  • 39% ask questions or need information
  • 33% ask about store information (hours, location, inventory)
  • 34% make or confirms an appointment
  • 33% make a purchase
  • 30% give feedback
  • 30% share photos of products

Each of these opportunities to interact with customers or potential customers is HUGE! Consumers want to communicate with your brand and you can make it possible for them with the Contact Form App for Facebook. With this app, you can customize the fields of your form, manage messages and contacts from one central dashboard, assign messages to colleagues, create text templates for quick replies and best of all, open the doors for streamlined communication with your Facebook visitors.

Facebook Messaging Survey Overview

Consumers prefer brands they can message on Facebook

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