Every post is an opportunity to engage and activate your online community. But sometimes a great image or an interesting article, just isn’t enough to entice your likers to click, like or comment. Here are the top 5 missed opportunities to engage with your likers.

1. Not Using #Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags when you make posts, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to engage not just with likers, but with an audience with room for expansion. Create your own hashtags to pair with live events, giveaways and storytelling circles. This helpful article by Content Marketing Institute gives you a crash course on Hashtagology 101. 

2. Not Utilizing Calls-to-Action

One of the best and easiest ways to engage with your likers is to switch up your post format. Instead of being strictly informational, try asking your likers to do something to interact with the post (share, like, comment). This makes your audience feel more involved in your company, and also spreads your brand through their social media. Relatable content breaks down the barrier between business and customer, which can be beneficial for both.


3. Not Responding to Comments

If you’re making posts to social media of any kind, you should hope to get some comments on your posts. This means that people care enough about your company, or at least about the post’s content, to engage with it, which boosts your metrics and indicates public interest. If you don’t respond to comments, though, people notice – especially when you’re a business.

Respond promptly and graciously to complaints, and with genuine gratitude to compliments. Not sure what to say to those unhappy commenters?


Read our article on the 5 Best Replies for Upset Facebook Fans That You Can Steal to convert disappointed likers into loyal brand advocates. 

4. Not Asking Questions

Imagine you’re in a classroom. When a teacher makes a statement, students don’t necessarily respond. When the teacher asks a question, though, an engagement is much more likely to occur, whether it be a simple answer or the start of a complex conversation. This applies to engaging with your likers, too, who will often feel that you are posing the question directly to them rather than using Facebook as an advertising platform.

5. Not Using Multimedia

Let’s face it: text posts are boring. When was the last time you read a lengthy text post that had no photos, video or audio to supplement it? In a digital world inundated with multimedia, plain text posts are very easy to overlook, if you’re not careful. Adding multimedia to your page arouses much more attention from likers, and increases your metrics because they are more likely to click on and interact with those elements. You should post your company’s photos, but a membership with a stock-image service will also help make your posts more intriguing, and allow you to connect with likers on a whole new level.

And don’t forget to take a look at our list of top 7 tools to create a visual content strategy.


Follow these tips and, hopefully, you’ll see their benefits on your followers. For more tips and tricks, make sure you keep checking back with the blog on how to successfully market your business online!