The Facebook Messenger app now has reached over 800 million active users (source: Facebook 2016). For Facebook, the objective of this app is obvious: replace traditional messaging. But, did you know this chat application contains many secret features? Here are 10 of the secrets behind Facebook Messenger!

1. Open Access

Good news for those who managed to resist the trends and don’t have a Facebook account: you can still access the chat! You only need to download the app from your usual app store and select the “I am not on Facebook” option. Your subscription will be quick, requesting a name, a phone number and a profile picture.

Facebook Messenger Open Access

2. Replacing Text Messages 

This tip regards Android users: it is possible to use Facebook messenger as a text message client. This option is easy to activate by selecting Messenger as the default text message client in your settings.

Facebook Messenger SMS for Android

3. Playing Basketball

Did you know you can start a basketball game within your chat? To do so, you only need to start the application and send a basketball emoji, then tap it. You will then start a shooting contest that you can interrupt at any moment.

Facebook Messenger Basketball

And if you prefer chess to basketball … Facebook also thought of you! To start a chess game, you only need to type @fbchess in a chat window. A chessboard will then appear. To move a piece, start the following commands with @fbchess: K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook and P for pawn.

4. Give your Contacts Nicknames

By default, Messenger saves your contacts according to their account name, but you are free to customize them is you wish to do so! You merely need to open the contact section, then “nicknames”. Note that changes will not be broadcast to your contacts and will only affect your contact directory.

Add nickname in Facebook Messenger

5. Experiment with Blue “Thumbs Up”

There is nothing easier than adjusting the size of the famous blue “thumbs up” — just hold the icon until it reaches the wanted size. An excellent way to display your degree of approval!

Facebook Messenger Thumbs Up Adjust Size

Facebook is full of playfulness and with each update new features appear.

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