Is your social media visibility a major issue? Are you a professional community manager or are you simply concerned with the management of your e-reputation and interactions with your subscribers, fan base or customers? This selection of 5 eBooks revolving around networking and social media will provide you with all the essential advice, tips and strategies to turn you into a true master of social networking.

1. 25 Actionable Social Media Strategies

25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today

If you wish to perfect your mastery over social networking, there is nothing better than a compilation of precious advice by a team at the very core of the field.

The Buffer team, with this free eBook, provides you with condensed information on instantly applicable, strategic orientations devised to trigger immediate impact on your social media visibility.

2. Twenty Trends in Digital Marketing for 2016


In this new eBook the author identifies twenty of the trends that are impacting or will impact digital marketing efforts in this new year. Across marketing domains as diverse as blogging and social media, streaming media and smartphone apps, classic and social SEO, hyper-local optimizations and drone technology, this eBook takes a wide lens to the world of digital marketing and explains what is coming, and why.

3. Social Media Data Cookbook – For Marketers


This free eBook takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on groundbreaking ways to use social media data (that require data teams and huge investments), it provides 11 simple recipes to use the data you already have. If you are tired of reading about social media data and now want to actually use some of it to make your marketing smarter and campaigns more profitable, this is the guide for your team.  

4. 58 Social Media Ideas to Inspire Your Content Marketing

58 Social Media Ideas to Inspire Your Content Marketing

How exactly do you use social media to your best advantage when creating your content marketing strategy? Which channels should you be using — and which do other marketers use? And what is the best way to use each channel?

This new eBook offers suggestions on how to use the most popular social media channels as well as insights into what other marketers are using.

5. The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

This free eBook, both practical and succinct with its 55 pages, is a how-to guide for familiarizing oneself with social networking.

It is a real mine of information focused on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, explaining the specificities of each network, how to handle them and optimize their use. A practical guide to be kept within reach and referred to.