This is it. The moment of truth. You created the most beautiful email. Painstakingly detailed and all set to be sent forth to bring you customers. But wait, who are they? How did you come to find that the people you are about to contact about your amazing news are the people you need to get through to? Research. Plain and simple.

Catering to the Right Audience

A lot of time and data collection goes into making a good email list. Even when you aren’t about to send a glorious email, data collection and analysis is just good practice no matter the medium your message is being delivered. Tools like the Google AdWord Tool can show you an immense amount of data based on selected keywords. In conjunction with the Keyword Planner Tool also from Google, you are able to see information based on:

  1. Operating System and Release – For example, Android 6.1 would tell you that specific person was on an Android powered mobile device
  2. Browser Type – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari or others
  3. Time of Visit – Compare data based on when your intended recipient’s desired time of searching for this type of information.

And much more… the more you dig and sift through endless pie charts and bar graphs you’ll gain insight into new data. You can even set your own time period of data and then compare that data set to other chronological points.

Find Your Audience with Search Engine Trends

Another great tool to check are search engine trends. Google News, Yahoo! And MSN all have portions of their feeds showing current trends alongside developing news stories. Analysis of these trends based on days of the week for example will also give you a broad idea of ideal delivery days and times.

All of this research will help you target the best audience with a very specific long tail ensuring that your message gets to the perfect audience. You would be quite surprised the type of anonymous data you can collect for yourself from these free tools and how you can apply them to more than just marketing!

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