Are you frustrated to have only a few visitors per month on your website or blog? What if your titles were the problem? Indeed, it is critical to carefully choose a title so as to lastingly improve your rankings within search engines.

A title plays an important role in ranking your website or blog: not only will it be displayed in bold with search results, it is also the title that will encourage web users to click it or not. So, you don’t need to be a web content expert to come up with the right title! You only need to know these tips to create the perfect SEO title. 

The Title Must Include Keywords

This is a sine qua non rule: each word counts in your title. Search engine algorithms first detect titles before browsing other elements within the text. Therefore, it is important to include the most important keywords in your title. It should be noted that a good ranking within a short, well-targeted list is worth more than a ranking over a large set of keywords that won’t retain web users on your page. Build a list of keywords connected to your activity, your blog, your website, your articles, and include synonyms. Understand Google and it will serve you well!

Correct Keyword Positioning

In order to improve rankings, keywords must be included at the very beginning of the title. If you want the name of your page or site to be among the top search engine results, you can insert it at the end of the title.


The Title must be Appealing

An irresistible title increases visits to your website. The title is the very first element that web users will notice. It must be punchy in order to encourage the user to follow the link to your article. Regardless of the meta-description completing the headline, you must strive to make your title as appealing as possible.

Customize your Titles

It is essential to avoid reusing one single title for all your pages. Alternate between different formulations! Make sure they are unique, original and also appealing. Such a strategy will enable you, among others, varying keywords and better referencing your pages.

A Title Must not be too Short … or too Long

Search engines only display the 70 first characters within their search results. The algorithm only partially displays long titles, ending them with an ellipsis. Therefore, a web user would not be able to see the entire title. Even though non-displayed words are accounted for by Google, it will barely impact your search ranking. In order to achieve optimal ranking within search engines, an ideal title should contain 70 characters.

There is no magic solution to come up with a perfect title, but training and experience will turn you into an expert in this area. Social media channels are the perfect showcase to learn best practices as far as title creation is concerned. Endure and become a digital content professional!