Want to upload crisper, higher quality photos and videos to Facebook? This tutorial will show you how to upload HD photos and HD videos to Facebook from mobile devices with the Facebook app. Gone are the days of low quality, practically pixelated images! After all, don’t we all use Facebook to save our greatest memories?

How to Upload HD Photos and HD Videos to Facebook

The following steps will show you how to edit your Facebook App settings to upload the best quality videos and photos from your mobile device. Please note that this setting will consume more cellular data.  

Step 1: Go to your Facebook App “Settings”


Step 2: Click on “Account Settings”


Step 3: Click on “Videos and Photos”


Step 4: Turn on “Upload HD” for Video and Photo



Your settings will automatically save when you click the back arrow. And there you have it! You will now upload better quality videos and images on Facebook from your mobile device.

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