A web user has an 8-second attention span; it is less than even a goldfish! They can actually stay focused for 9 minutes. Thus you need to convince your users to take interest in your products within a very short timeframe. In this sea of information, how can you catch the web user’s eye and encourage them to proceed with an order?

There is no secret: websites with excellent visuals do perform best though. Variety is key: pictures, photographs, videos are great, but also use infographics and GIFS when appropriate. Appealing content, such as a video on your website, will encourage your visitors to stay longer. This is particularly evident with the current mobile trends.

Don’t forget: a picture is worth a 1,000 words! Images to illustrate a Tweet or a publication on Facebook must be chosen with the greatest care. The web is filled with various (and often free) tools that will allow you to illustrate your content strategy. Below is a list of 7 simple tools that will provide you with a solution for creating innovative visuals for your texts, to be broadcast without reserve on your social media channels.

PicMonkey: Edit your Pictures Online

PicMonkey is available in two versions, a free one and a paid option. It contains a large assortment of pictures, style effects and fonts. You can resize your pictures and add text. The paying version provides additional frames and effects for your pictures. PicMonkey allows you to create visuals like banners or buttons for your social media as well.

LiveLuvCreate: Speak through your Pictures

This easy-to-use tool provides you with simple image creation options. You can either use your own pictures or choose from a variety of existing compositions. You are allowed to add three text boxes with different fonts, colors and styles. You can also add filters and effects to your pictures. Once you are done, you can easily publish your creations on social media or save them on your computer.

Canva to Create your Photo Montages

It is a free application that allows you to create presentations, posters, invitation cards and business cards. Canva helps with the creation of visual content for your social media channels. You can use your own photos or choose from the library starting at $1. It should be noted that some images made available on Canva are free of charge. You can also work with other users and easily share your creations.

Paint.NET to Edit your Photos

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you will like using Paint.NET. This tool is also much more cost-effective, as it is free to download. Its features are similar to those provided by Photoshop, such as layers, special photo effects and red-eye removal. You can also create shapes and add text to your photos. Need more? You can also trade advice with other users to improve your creations.

Creating appealing presentations with PowerPoint

Are you surprised? Probably! And yet, with some experience under your belt, PowerPoint can become an excellent tool for your visuals, in particular when you don’t feel comfortable with online tools. Presentations built with PowerPoint are saved in JPEG or PNG formats. For example, you can use Tabsite (a PowerPoint template) to create your cover picture for social media.


Visme provides you with the capacity to create different visuals such as advert banners, web and mobile animations, carousels, infographics, presentations, etc… Visme comes with millions of images that you can use in conjunction with Google fonts. Based on HTML 5, Visme allows you to properly display your visuals on various mobile devices.  

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